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Tecblic is here for our heroes. We help the healthcare sector walkthrough technological innovation to automate internal processes, enhance the customer experience, and manage medical information more efficiently. We build secure and regulatory compliance software solutions that streamline communication between patients, doctors, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical suppliers, and medical device vendors to accelerate the creation of a resilient healthcare ecosystem.

  • EHR implementation services
  • Healthcare Analytics Solution
  • Hospital Performance Management Analysis
  • Clinical Quality and Compliance Management Solution
  • Hospital Supply chain and Revenue Collaboration


Tecblic offers educational innovators a full-cycle eLearning software development strategy featuring advanced technologies, lean design, and an emphasis on learners. We facilitate a tutor and a student, by giving them an online platform to connect, interact and study.

  • School ERP
  • AI/ML based LMS solutions
  • AI based leaning analytics and assessments
  • Prediction of Career paths
  • 360-degree feedback management for students and teacher
Media Entertainment INDUSTRIES

Media Entertainment

Globally media & entertainment industry is facing the strategic challenge of sustaining and growing amid the rapidly evolving demographics resulting from the digital media revolution. We cover all the major segments like live streaming app development & maintenance, cloud services, media streaming, AR & VR, and consumer content analysis under IT solutions for media and entertainment. We are rendering customized entertainment technology solutions to help the enterprises in catching up with their business goals.

  • Predictive User profiling for customer delight
  • Fan engagement solutions
  • Royalty payment management solutions
  • Content Delivery Network
  • AR, VR, MR and AI based immersive entertainment solutions


By defining the pain points your business faces today and helping you apply the right strategies and tap on innovation to drive growth, Tecblic helps retailers provide consistent and customer-centric shopping experiences across all channels with disruptive retail technologies. By researching what motivates consumer behaviour and conversions and applying our strong technical expertise, we’ll bring your retail business to the next level of efficiency with our retail software development services.

  • Digital Customer Engagement
  • Omni-channel Commerce
  • Supply Chain
  • Mass Merchandise


Add the ‘e’ to your commerce and take your business online. Enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unlimited ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations that address the unique needs of your business, across any industry. Tecblic’s expertise in eCommerce development solutions to expand your consumer audience, drive brand engagement, improve retention rates, and maximize earnings.

  • Supply Chain transformation projects
  • Fleet Management System
  • Robotic Automations
  • AI/ML based ecommerce platform for B2C and B2B
  • Predictive User profiling for customer delight


Tecblic has crafted a unique blend of services and solutions addressing the various sub-segments in the travel industry. Our services are to enable OmniChannel of customer experience, increasing business efficiency using technology pillars of Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics.

  • Augmented / Virtual Reality for travel experience
  • Artificial Intelligence powered prediction of traveller requirements
  • Traveller Life cycle management
  • Traveller behaviour analytics powered by Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Robotic Assistance

Real Estate

With modern facilities becoming hyper-connected, the importance of having all property data insight is constantly increasing. We help real estate software providers, as well as owners and managers of commercial properties and industrial facilities, create cohesive, facility-specific software to better manage their spaces.

  • IoT based Home Automation Platform (Smart Elements)
  • Blockchain based land registrations
  • Blockchain based Token securitization of properties.
  • Inventory Management System
  • Marketing and Sales management system


The finance industry has been embracing the ongoing digital disruption and is experiencing significant technology-led changes. We help financial organizations across the spectrum to optimize business operations, drive innovation, improve performance indicators and advance decision-making based on intelligent insights.

  • Capital Market Management Technology Solutions
  • Cards and Payments
  • Consumer Banking Services
  • Commercial Banking Solutions
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Solutions
  • Housing Finance and Mortgages


Our managed IT solutions enable your law firm to operate with agility and security; allowing you to seamlessly access all of your legal and office applications from any device or location. With the latest innovations in cloud computing pushing boundaries, modernising your IT will vastly improve your legal service delivery.

  • Blockchain based smart contract regulation, digital intellectual property rights management, Chain of custody solutions etc
  • Cognitive analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence based Legal Document analysis system
  • Online Legal Communities
  • eDiscovery Automation
  • Legal Case management system

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has transformed with the advent of IoT which enables real time-critical data.
We help organizations and power users predict better, become cost-effective and introduce innovation, all the while adhering to specific regulatory frameworks. Partner with us to unlock production transformation!

  • Production Optimization
  • Production Surveillance
  • GIS Solutions
  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management


For government agencies and service providers, digital transformation is vital for ongoing relevance and survival.
Through innovative technology solutions that address key imperatives, such as operations and cost optimization, constituent engagement, and insights-driven operations, Tecblic assists government agencies in achieving their mission-critical requirements.

  • e-Governance
  • Smarty City Solutions
  • IoT based Integrated Command and Control Center
  • Blockchain powered Land Registry Platform
  • Citizen Self help portal
Logistics & Distribution INDUSTRIES

Logistics & Distribution

Tecblic provides comprehensive financial and contact management, database systems and resource management software, as well as our IT and business solutions and dedicated system with application support, ensures the streamlining of processes and helps clients to build and develop their business.

  • Fleet Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Sustainability
  • Warehouse and Cargo Management
Construction INDUSTRIES


We provide robust and high-end software, mobile applications, cloud applications and web portals specifically for architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors, and manufacturers—across departments, locations, and technologies.

  • Predictive analysis for construction simulation.
  • Design issue prediction
  • Warranty analysis solution
  • Asset management and tracking system
  • Contract performance optimization
  • Budgeting and planning solutions
  • BIM solutions


Tecblic helps companies in the telecommunications sector mitigate the gap between legacy infrastructure and dynamic market requirements to accelerate their digital transformation, add competitive value to their offerings, and generate new revenue streams.

  • Trouble Ticket Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • AI/ML based Data Analytics
  • Customer Life Cycle Management
Hospitality INDUSTRIES


Every customer is fascinated when treated specially and this is where technology jumps into the picture
We cover everything right from cloud hotel software, on-premise hotel software, restaurant POS, restaurant management, inventory management to the booking engine. At Tecblic, we are proficient at cost-effectively providing comprehensive hospitality industry solutions.

  • Customer Self-service
  • Asset Tracking
  • Customer behaviour analytics powered by Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Robotic Assistance
  • Property Management System
Manufacturing INDUSTRIES


Our concierge digital technologies give you an out from your traditional ways of operating a business and replace them with class-apart dependable technology solutions. Experience cutting-edge manufacturing technology services brought to you by expert developers and designer team that take your business complexities down to tap on our provided web and mobile solutions.

  • Environment, Health and Safety solutions for sustainable operations.
  • Inventory management
  • Knowledge management
  • Supply Chain management
  • Data Analytics and modelling
  • Industry 4.0 solutions like Industrial IoT, Cognitive Computing, Robotic Automation
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