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Unlocking 2021

Unlocking 2021

An abstract of how we can come back stronger to face every challenge in 2021.

What a year has it been! Suffice it to say, 2020 was not the year that many of us had hoped for, planned or were expecting. It taught us that sometimes things don’t get better but it’s a matter of adapting, shifting, embracing the worst, and living through it. ⁠We have grown in ways we didn’t think were possible. But as they say: nothing lasts forever, and neither did 2020.

2021 is here. And it’s shining clear.

The end of an era is near, So near, you might even say it’s here. Time to clear the air, my dear, No need for fear.

When the stars light the night, No need to fight, When grace and ease are the plights, Let the difficult moments come in, Invite them in, Let them unfold, Until the new beginnings, they bring, Begin.

Trust that you can move through, Old truths, Shifting into new views, Until the old truth, Becomes old news, Cry and scream when you need to, Release. Let it bring a sense of peace.

Accept, That what is gone is gone and there is no sense in holding on, When acceptance renders away resistance, We open a gateway for new gifts to suddenly drift into our sphere while clearing those last stings of attachment and fear.

It’s not only a new year, but It’s also a new decade. The beginning of a new era, It’s a chance for a new you, To flow through the gateways of truth that you never knew could be opened, By choosing to open, simply allowing what is meant to be, Not to disassociate or detach, From new moments as they hatch, But to sit in the curiosity, Of this ever-unfolding mystery, Where the story of “me” touches new possibilities while permitting yourself to see that the shadow can only be as dark as you allow it to be.

You are the light that will guide your way.

While we get ready to say adios to this year, Let’s try to prepare and remind ourselves that 2021 won’t be perfect and things won’t go back to normal immediately either but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace this new year and time; Learning and reminding ourselves that happiness isn’t a destination, life will always give us obstacles but we can still create fulfilment through the tough times together.

Let’s not wait for tomorrows instead give a go to your wings today!

Reach HIGH, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream, leads the goal. We are here for your start! Let us be your carrier to your destination.

We hope that today, you will have faith in our wings, to believe that despite all we have endured this year, you will persevere — even without a map.

Team Tecblic – HIGH on TECH wishes you and your family a Very Happy New Year!

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