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The journey from MSME to Enterprise

Redefining business processes that leads to success!

For the first few years of business, most companies are focused on survival. However, prioritizing the growth of your business is one of the best ways to increase the chances that your company will not only last but also contribute to your economic well-being and a stable financial future. The MSMEs have redefined all the business strategies and adapted the concept of digital transformation which proved to be their major growths to making them potential large enterprise.

In recent years, MSME has been facing challenges of the inefficient supply chain, lack of technical knowledge as well as problems with lack of resources such as skilled manpower, funds. And Digital transformation has proven to be a winning solution for these problems.

The Road of digitalization brings you benefits like:

  • Improved customer experience: When you leverage digital technology, you have access to artificial intelligence, chatbots, and machine learning available for your customer 24/7. It maintains a strong customer-organization relationship.
  • Better operational efficiency: Latest technology cuts down the operational cost of running SMEs to approx 20–30%. It would result in a better labour utilisation ratio and growth in the capital as well.
  • Reduction of cost: With the help of machine learning and productive business analytics, you can easily identify production defects and reduce manpower.
  • Accurate decision making: You can efficiently collect data about the existing customers or potential customers, or your competitors in the market which will help to take wise decisions in various areas such as production, marketing, sales, understanding customer behaviour, purchase decisions, or current market trends.
  • Get accessibility to a higher customer base and new markets: If you have an only offline presence, it limits your market reach. The digital engagements help SMEs in exploring a new market and competing with the market leaders.
  • Higher profits: Making use of advanced technologies, MSMEs can easily upgrade and improve the quality of products and services, resulting in earning higher profits.

These days, rather than focusing on the core business, MSMEs are forced to look up to daily organisational processes which is one of the major hindrances in their growth. To overcome this obstacle and taking the organization online, the very first and strong base is to implement ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


ERP is the consolidated method of assembling and organizing business data through an integrated software suite. Tools from ERP share a common process and model of information that covers broad and deep operational processes like finance, human resources, distribution, production, service and supply chain. It automates business processes, and provides insights and internal controls, drawing on a central database that collects inputs from departments including accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing and human resources.

You can modify/customize the predefined processes through configuration and development. Some of the significant advantages of implementing ERP are that it increases efficiency and productivity by helping users navigate complex processes, preventing data re-entry, and improving functions such as production, order completion and delivery.

Interesting, isn’t it? You don’t need to do anything manually, the system will take care of your business processes. Now you must be wondering how to implement that and what’s best for you?

When it comes to ERP for MSMEs, the first name that highlights is Odoo. Let’s understand why is Odoo the best choice for MSME.


When an SME switches to Odoo ERP, users benefit from a streamlined flow, a vital aspect of a rapidly growing company. Odoo ERP encompasses modules such as Inventory, Sales, CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Human resources, and more. Odoo’s app store comprises more than 10,000 apps catering to every industry demands.


Often due to a limited budget, SMEs ignore the need for ERP software implementation. Proprietary software like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle may charge huge of implementation and later services. On the other hand, Odoo ERP software streamlines the business process fulfilling all major requirements at a very low cost. Odoo comes with low-cost implementation and fewer recurring costs and its community version doesn’t charge any license fees.


Odoo ERP is free to be downloaded from the internet. This initiates market research for checking the suitability of ERP software for the organization. One can easily go for the requirement check on the features and functions of Odoo software in meeting your business requirements.


Odoo ERP’s approach is transparent. It clearly demonstrates everything from accounting to sales, to marketing and inventory management on the dashboard. Odoo ERP makes it easy for users to check and extract reports. This eliminates the need for the additional hand, which saves the user money and time.


Odoo ensures that end-users get the maximum productivity from their use of Open ERP. Its intuitive user interface is user friendly and easy to integrate with. The time span of learning the use of Odoo is the least of all. Odoo reduces the amount of behavioural change a company undergoes via adopting a new ERP because of its easy integration.

Some of the renowned ERP systems which are widely accepted globally

Odoo has all the essentials that a business requires at the beginning of its journey. Let’s dive further to see from where we can get the best Odoo development Services.

With Tecblic, it is not as complicated as it seems. We help you re-engineer your Business Processes through our discovery workshops to align the business solution with your strategic goals. We help you to identify your business process requirements, define data management/migration strategy, and build desired ERP Feature List. Without any hassle, take complete control of your Sales Activities, Marketing Effort, Manufacturing Process, Production Planning, Finance management and Accounting Operations, Procurement, Supply chain Activities, Projects, and Customer Services and much more.

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